Still rattling chains

Six years ago, I set up this website in order to tell the true story of how a major local scandal of industrial pollution involving a banned rat poison and chemical weapon (white phosphorus) had been buried under water and had gone unchecked for decades, ably assisted it seems by regulators and the authorities over that time.

It started with seeing a single dead swan, (twenty years ago), a juvenile that I had followed and seen in other locations perfectly healthy until it landed on this “hazardous waste site”. More birds followed and so the long quest to proving that the company that owned the site had been responsible for all the deaths  all along by poisoning them with their waste dumped white phosphorus.

There are those who I offer a debt of thanks in helping to uncover this disgusting immoral tale. Chris Adams has always been a dependable friend and ally, and there are other rescuers (you know who you are), who have helped along the way. Ellen and Peter of The National swan convention. Wychbold swan Rescue took in many birds and I am grateful to Jan Harrigan and her team, who were as much in the dark as I was about what was going on in the early days.  I am grateful to Marianne Walsh and her husband Michael of the US Army Corp of Engineers whose guidance due to their expertise in dealing with white phosphorus poisoning at Eagle River Flats in Alaska put me on the right track that I knew I was on. Professor Bill Roebuck and Alan Hunt who similarly gave advice on the wildfowl deaths.

There are locals like Jim Price, Malcolm Edge , David Wilson and Roy Martin who have shared their stories with me and I have passed these important memories on. Others have also helped in circulating the dire situation that exists and will still exist through blogs, social media and other avenues. I also thank Tony Larner and Adam Aspinall of the Sunday Mercury, whose pieces broke important ground and threw light upon an area that many would have like to have seen buried. The website What do they know? has offered an opportunity to ask awkward questions in the public domain and revealed a great deal that had previously been buried or restricted in private meetings.

I have been to different parts of the country on a jigsaw puzzle quest to piece together events, pictures of the past , and other information relevant to exposing the truth, and I have to say, I am not nearly done yet with that!

But I would also like to take this opportunity to say “thanks for nothing” to the following organisations.

The Environment Agency.

Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council.


The Health and Safety Executive.

The Parliamentary Ombudsman.

Natural England (English Nature).

Public Health England/Health protection Agency.

and of course last and by all means least Albright and Wilson, Rhodia and Solvay.#liarsofthechemcialindustry

Collectively the former civil servants, (and no doubt some still current), belonging to these public bodies were a bunch of  idiots, chemical industry idolaters, cretins and scum bags. Dozens of letters I sent out over the years, asking awkward questions, stating facts and getting dozens of excuses, buck passing and waffle. Your university degrees were worthless and your claimed education and scientific experience shown to be null and void in this case.

But was it just that the people who worked for these organisations were so clueless about what was contained in the lagoon and the toxic effects of white phosphorus, or that in the case of the environment agency, were happy for the company to discharge water containing the chemical into the public canal and then revealed only in an FOI request that they were unable to carry out tests to detect  that same chemical in the environment?

If you think that I am a conspiracy theorist or tin foil hat wearer, just consider the following email between civil servants concerning the white phosphorus testing of a swan on rattlechain, which I only obtained through the Freedom of Information Act. One wonders to whom they serve and why they were so desperate for a member of the public NOT to learn the truth about white phosphorus poisoning and swans?

I still maintain that the company at the centre of all this had the ability to pull strings, influence policy making and get what they wanted, when they wanted. There was certainly an insidious post war Quaker “society of friends” enterprise at work, a conspiracy among this cult, which permeated civic society,monopolised business, financial institutions, the judiciary and politics- Cadbury, Lloyds, Frys, Barclays,  etc- The Albright and Wilson’s were related to them all, and together they set about control of all of these areas . As a former military contractor for The British Government , The British Government also has face to lose in all this with their wartime mess- but to what extent do the latter day  civil service wankers get to cover it up?  For those fixers, particularly of a political persuasion who may have helped in this matter, this issue will follow you to your graves- you are all cursed.

In going forward I have now set up a facebook page to reach a larger audience. The link to this page can be found HERE.

Please give it a like and share and become part of the chain gang. The more people know the truth about what lies beneath rattlechain lagoon, the more people will hopefully be able to stop more victims of the chemical industry.


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