A little Phosphorus Karma

Sometimes Karma just happens, well at least in part. Two old news articles reveal that two of the founding families’ members, whose empire can be said through war to have killed thousands with their chemical weapons produced for the British Government, were not entirely protected from accident.

As I have already pointed out, the quaint imagery of the poor downtrodden Quakers who made good and gave much is a fallacy perpetuated by their latter day chronicling lackies and phosphorus fellators.

These war dodging cowards knew what they were doing and they were establishment figures mixed up in medieval barbarism towards hunting animals and birds. for their own personal gratification.

The first “unfortunate” accident- well it wasn’t really, involved one of the worst of the pack- George girls name Albright- a moustached moron of a man usually found clad in red on horse back pursuing that which was inedible.

What a prick

The Birmingham Mail article of 22nd October 1881 recounts how this creature fell into a tank of boiling water being scalded about the legs and lower body. “One for the pot” you might say- good result. The company propaganda book “100 years of phosphorus making” concurringly recounts that “he had walked into a tank which contained white phosphorus under scalding water, and had had to keep his leg there until it could be extricated.” – even better that the chemical that maimed thousands made to keep these money grabbing cult of weirdos in cheddar should have found him out and burnt his lower regions.


Just twelve years later, the co founder John Edward Wilson, (uncle Albert), also met with a fall during a horse accident when his carriage went off the rails. According to this report from the Birmingham Daily Post of November 4th 1893, he was “much injured” when riding around in Torquay after a horse had been startled by a passing train- ironic that his son J.W Wilson was so heavily involved in this industry.



I have no sympathy for either of these two as a latter day reader, and if by some chance you are a direct descendent of the Albright and Wilson’s reading this, perhaps consider how the firm that put you in a strong financial position was founded on the harm it did to others through the changing nature of chemistry.

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