Darkside Quakers/Eugenics/Arthur Albright- The travelling casual racist

“You are my friends if you do what I command you” (John 15:14).

My view of Quakers and Quakerism has unfortunately been largely formed by the investigation into their dealings at Oldbury with chemicals. I’m sure that there are many good Quakers out there in the world today who do people no harm, and do good in the world. But as to the motives involved with those 19th and early 20th century quakers from Great Britain involved in business activities, I certainly do find grave misgivings.

When reading “100 years of phosphorus making”– the company history of Albright and Wilson, you get fed the impression that the two quaker families were peace loving, philanthropic and caring about their workers- but peel away at this and this exaggerated disguise is where the facts of the case do not show this to be true.

The activities and importance of this company and the individuals behind it have been systematically exaggerated by civic society ever since, and worse, sanitised into brainwashing the local residents that chemical incidents and health fears emanating from their factory were somehow nostalgic recollections that never did anyone any harm. Allied to this is the propaganda that Albright and Wilson’s chemicals were “indispensable” for modern life. It was therefore necessary for people living locally to put up with the fires, the pollution, and ultimately early deaths because Britain “made something” in the world. It was a piece of crap analogy put there by the Quaker friends and their stooges designed to shut down debate and criticism.  

Albright and Wilson were joined in purely capitalist ventures by other well known quaker families. There were The Cadbury family, The Fry’s, The Terry’s and Rowntrees– all involved in chocolate and confectionary. In financial circles The Lloyds’s and Barclay families. Clarkes made shoes, and as well as Albright and Wilson, Arthur Albrights’s former partner The Sturge’s  and Bryant and May who made matches.

Let’s start with the last company first, Bryant and May. There is no doubt that this company were involved in poisoning their workers with white phosphorus. Young women known as “the matchgirls” were idolised following the match girls strike of 1888 which brought worldwide attention to not only white phosphorus but also appalling factory health and safety conditions. BUT THESE WERE A QUAKER FAMILY FIRM, AND THEY DID NEXT TO NOTHING ABOUT THE ISSUE UNTIL IT PROVED TO BE A FINANCIAL AND PUBLIC RELATIONS LOSS TO THEM.

And this is where the rub sets in with the business quakers, or “the darkside quakers” as I will refer to them from now on- because their whole ethos and raison detre was about coercive control of power , monopolisation of their fields, and making financial profit for themselves. Male and exclusively white, they had all the power at their disposal.  Through gaining power in civic circles, they could make and control policy to suit their business needs like a bible bashing illuminati mafia. They were not “excluded” from the establishment, as apologists and fantasy historians of Quakerism try to present, THEY WERE the establishment! If you take a look at the number of Wilson’s from the company in positions of authority in the late 19th and early 20th century- councillors, “high sheriffs”, JP’s , sitting on the boards of health (when their dire factory pollution was destroying it), and even an MP (John Wilson), you can see how their prospects were favoured- but was it because they were somehow “better” men?

John Wilson as a “Liberal” (formerly Liberal Unionist) WTF? ,bested that modern day poster girl of the feminists and union workers Mary Macarthur  (Anderson) in the 1918 General Election in Stourbridge.

Put that in your phosphorus retort pipes and smoke it #COMREETS

Under the cloak of altruism, their real motive in providing healthcare for their workers was to ensure that if the machines broke down, they would be repaired as quickly as possible and back at work as soon as possible. A whip hand of course could have done the trick just as easily, and it is also true that quakers in Africa were involved in the slave trade- another inconvenient truth for those who like to present quakers as pioneers of slave labour repeal- if you are part of a system you are the system. The Cadbury and Rowntree family found out that the imported stuff of their chocolate was dependent on slave labour in the early 1900’s, yet delayed sourcing it from elsewhere. Later of course they would continue to make profit out of memorabilia from the death of Christ every Easter.  😆

Quakers were once called “a villainous tribe” by William Cobbett, and I do not disagree with the sentiment in terms of the darkside quaker- villains, and certainly tribal. Here are the six dark side quaker steps to achieving monopoly domination.

1Establish yourself in a town with good natural resources

2Create adoration and devotion from a workforce who see you as next to “God”

3 Take over public office, infrastructure, legal affairs to benefit your enterprise.

4Create a monopoly of enterprise whilst at the same time couple this with capitalist philanthropy.

5Establish links with and sustain this monopoly  within “a society of friends” .

6Reap the financial rewards and influence in this image of “divine masters” of commerce.

Studying their creations through fake philanthropy.

There was nothing that the dark side Quakers liked better than donating some shit piece of land to the community and workforce as a “thank you. ” Public parks were originally created by the upper classes to study the lower classes, like bird watching for eugenicists– which is what dark side Quakers really are at heart. All men are “equal” to them; that is like the white idle middle aged male union barons of today in that you are *equal with me , *but not in terms of salary or status. 😆

Another well known Quaker was  Ebenezer Howard– the architect of the so called “Garden City” movement. The catch line utopia of this Town planning concentric circle scheme is pealed away when you study how it was really about division of the undesirables from the elites in the centre who controlled the cogs. This segregation was quite deliberate, and there was nothing altruistic about Garden cities at all. It was eugenics for planners. His ideas of “greenbelt” continue to be a division line to encircle the few elite and the rich with a pleasant view, and to confine the overcrowded poor on the outskirts of towny deprivation.

Looking at founder of eugenics- a white supremacist  off shoot of  Quaker spunk Francis Galton, who is now subject of a bid  to remove his name from a laboratory and a university which previously idolised his fake science, it is possible to trace his hereditary lineage back to the “friendly” cult. Francis Galton, the racist, was the Grandson of Quaker gun maker Samuel Galton Junior, (there’s a bridge named after him in Smethwick).  Yes that’s right- “a peace lover” who made weapons of war, just as Albright and Wilson were paid for making weapons of mass destruction in both world wars which killed and maimed. FRANCIS GALTON WAS ALSO A FREEMASON.

The fascist father of “eugenics”- a quack non science of the worst order

Not only were Galton’s ideas about race, intelligence and control of breeding immoral and repulsive , they were on a par for this cousin of Charles Darwin, with the origin of the Nazi species. It is unquestionable when you look at Galton’s “work” as to how Adolf Hitler and his gang were if not inspired by eugenics and experimentation, then riding on a tandem bike with it. Take for example a letter that Galton wrote to The Times Newspaper “Africa for the Chinese.”. I apologise for his language, but it demonstrates why his ideas must be erased from history.


For those who do not wish to read the full printed crap- here are the key thoughts of this pre Nazi.

“My proposal is to make the encouragement of the Chinese settlements at one or more suitable places on the East Coast of Africa a par of our national policy, in the belief that the Chinese immigrants would not only maintain their position, but that they would multiply and their descendants supplant the inferior Negro race. I should expect the large part of the African seaboard, now sparsely occupied by lazy, palavering savages….”

“average negroes possess too little intellect, self-reliance, and self-control to make it possible for them to sustain the burden of any respectable form of civilization without a large measure of external guidance and support.”  Frances Galton “scientist”

Galton was clearly an expeditionary  traveller who liked to see squalor, inferiority as he thought it, because it obviously elevated his warped thinking into believing that his Godly “science” could cure such inadequacies. His testing of people, studies of individual differences, and the idea of mental health and institutions where people could be “cured” etc were no science, but just a false consensus in confirming his own superiority complex. In Howard’s Garden cities, the asylums were of course on the periphery of the towns. Many of Galton’s hours appear to have been spent eying up young girl twins as well as ladies backsides for comparisons. His listed achievements by those who profess to believe that he was a “great man” of science – fingerprinting etc, are merely just examples of how his measurements have been used ever since by the state to control and dominate others by authoritarian means. Psychometrics and questionnaires – further examples of his intrusive snooping and labelling of individuals as stereotyped groups have been used more recently as a means of data mining by scum such as Cambridge Analytica.

“Man is gifted with pity and other kindly feelings; he has also the power of preventing many kinds of suffering. I conceive it to fall well within his province to replace Natural Selection by other processes that are more merciful and not less effective.

This is precisely the aim of Eugenics. Its first object is to check the birth-rate of the Unfit, instead of allowing them to come into being, though doomed in large numbers to perish prematurely. The second object is the improvement of the race by furthering the productivity of the Fit by early marriages and healthful rearing of their children. Natural Selection rests upon excessive production and wholesale destruction; Eugenics on bringing no more individuals into the world than can be properly cared for, and those only of the best stock.”

From Francis Galton, Memories of My Life Chapter XXI. Race Improvement

His successor and protégé Karl Pearson was another who came from a Quaker background, and it is quite clear that he was an even worse racist and anti-Semite than his master.

Master and apprentice…… and Nazis in embryo

Some may consider Galton’s outward racism in comparison with Arthur Albright , “the Quaker”, unfair, but I don’t think that they are really that different in terms of attempting to change people to their way of thinking.  The Dark side Quaker was far more subtle in their approach. They appeared to like to marry from within their own business ranks (see the names above), perhaps this sealed the deal for them and also consciously  ensured business and science esoteric acumen were kept within “the society of friends”. It is quite apparent that such incestuous inter cousin marrying selected a certain hereditary gene pool. Those who marry in such arranged tightly religious closed cliques are merely following Galton’s warped thinking, in the pursuit of keeping the genes “pure”.

Albright appears to have toured extensive parts of the British “Empire” and also America, and like Galton’s,  were aimed at not leaving people alone, but attempting to change them to their own way of thinking or remoulding them in their own Godly sculpture, just as Quakers in The Midlands and beyond set up their “model villages” and “garden cities” in an attempt to preserve their Utopian fantasies with the Quaker masters at the entre of it all controlling everything. This pious British colonial “betterment” of others cannot hide this do-gooders aims- which were sowing the seeds of Quaker oats- and broadening “the society of friends”. Arthur Albright’s observations are recorded in letters, which for some reason along with other members of this family were retained in archives- probably by a dark side Quaker archivist in order to preserve the society of friends legacy.

Darth Quakerus- Arthur Albright. He’s dead now, just a memory.

One such letter to his wife Rachael is reproduced in the aforementioned company history published in 1951, and it makes for rather uncomfortable reading for the pious post war fans of Arthur. It tells of how on a trip to New Orleans he encountered a black man whilst on some personal quest to study church life and “coloured churches” 🙄 in this part of the world. As some form of early David Attenborough, Albright appears to describe the encounter in superior narrative.

Letter from Arthur Albright to his wife Rachael- referring to “a darkey”

And this is the very worrying thing about the dark side Quakers like Arthur Albright. So enamoured are they with their own self worth and self righteousness that they cannot leave things alone without somehow wanting to intervene in the belief that they ordained by God , through a superior inheritance, have some insight which no one else can see.  The problem with do-gooders like them is that their idea of “good”, instead of free will becomes a “command” into their expression of superiority through coercive control.

Albright and Wilson’s recording of their employees dental records vis a vis white phosphorus necrosis, are no different from Galton’s observational work and studies into lower classes, it’s just that the lab rat workers of Albright and Wilson were just, or remain just too thick to see it.  It is clear that Albright’s descendants, and that of John Wilson thought themselves a notch above those who served them, not least by their love of blood sports and hunting.

Us commoners and “none friends”  would all have been better off if people like him stopped trying to find their “light” in the interfering  of the lives of others.

Garden city designs. Not the only group to use a red and black and white symbol.

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