Last Heyrman standing


And so a fond farewell to the main players in the cover up of Rattlechain lagoon. Napoleon and Bonaparte and Wee Willie Winky have shifted tonnes of material, and removed none from the site. It was clear by the midweek that their exit was imminent with the hosing down.




Splash and dash


No wonder they were washing the board off.



The Heyrmans had a bit of organising to do with packing away all the bits and pieces, and even a ruler came out at one stage to see if it could all pack away neatly onto wee willy. Then the arrival of two massive artics. Bonaparte was first to limber up, the ride unable to enter the site.


Last march of the Heyrmans


Bonaparte in John’s Lane

And then the main man himself.


Napoleon lines up







My last view of them was passing over the Groveland bridge along the Netherton Branch.

Who would have thought that Wee willy would be the last Heyrman standing?



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