Floccing news floccing Saturday!

There was another Rhodia press release printed verbatim without investigation in The Express and Star last night- the same usual message- Here’ s our observations

“Contaminated pool is being cleaned up”- NO IT’S NOT THE TOXIC CRAP HAS NOT LEFT THE SITE!”

“Residents blame the deaths on birds ingesting white phosphorus.”  Yawn……”blame” ceased long ago when scientific evidence proved it was….

white phosphorus systemic exposure confirmed in two dead rattlechain mallard ducks

white phosphorus systemic exposure confirmed in two dead rattlechain mallard ducks


…but no reference to this has ever been printed in E&S , despite supplying its journalists with the information. … AN EDITORIAL DECISION TO “BLAME” RATHER THAN REPORT THE FACTS, OR TO  REPORT “THE FACTS” AS RHODIA SEE THEM ONLY?

Residents are juxtaposed with “environmental improvements” that Rhodia are now purporting to be making. So the message they are trying to peddle is that they are listening to “the residents” concerns.

Then trying to claim that Rhodia took over the site in 2000 inheriting the mess left from before, when in reality All the Albright and Wilson works management that were in charge at the time of handover merely changed uniforms. The same technically competent staff on the SL31 Rattlechain waste management licence didn’t change, except with retirements.

I’ve given up with this paper- one of the main reasons for setting up this website, as our message was not being communicated, unlike that of Rhodias. Haven’t worked out quite why yet, but still delving. £.

With all the recent hoo-hah about press regulation, the point appears to have been missed that the newspaper owners/shareholders have always determined what is “newsworthy” and what is not- and what is “newsworthy” is that which does not effect their financial status or political affiliation- nothing to do with the MP censors- the press in this country has never been “free”, and never will be.

It’s all about flocculation you know.

At Rattlechain in the last couple of days Goldmember has been doing just this on the main lagoon. The dredging has started. The outpouring of crap into deeper waters has begun, but not “a clean up”. When using a vacuum cleaner do you suck it up only to then discharge it out of sight behind the cupboards or settee, or do you empty the contents for disposal?



Dribbling Goldmember was surprisingly at it today- the first time I have seen any active work on a saturday- these two must be keen on overtime, or are they on double pay?





And then there’s the floccing tent- a glorified upturned double bed with a large bin bag underskirt and pipe sticking into it. Let’s face it, that is what this is.


Gullit broke off to tow it back out around 6.30pm- they are working longer days now.



As this link shows in its  corporate glossy imagery- if Rhodia/ERM really wanted Klaar to remove the toxic rubbish in this pool the technology is there. But this waste is going nowhere.. and the “cappingslaag”- or loosely translated “cover film” is going to sweep it under the carpet. This is because Rhodia are cheapskates- just as Albright and Wilson were before them. A wonderful gift to the local community of tomorrow.


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