The Dutch attack



The atrocious weather has left the lagoon site looking strangely wintery for this time of year. Usually at this point coots would be busy gathering materials and making mountains around the pipe and pontoons, oblivious that the site is a chemical quagmire.

Obviously the work appears to have taken a setback, but today saw the arrival of  more machines on site, including a massive crane. At this rate I’m going to run out of names for this lot, though the “Europeaness” of this endeavour ensures a plentiful array of mirth.



We had the frogs at Rhodia, the Belgians, and now Dutch firm Klaar have joined the Euro jamboree @ Rattlechain lagoon. Shall I compare shee to a shummers day? The Dutch attack force are raring to go.


A large boat with the name “phoenix” written on it. Please….. anything with this name is doomed to failure from day 1, except “phoenix companies” of which there are no shortage of in this part of the world.  I therefore rename this ship  for future reference as “Goldmember”.

The assemblers onboard were busying themshelves (sic) obviously setting up this cutting dredger on the contaminated “clean side lagoon”. According to the information given at the public consultation in January this side is going to be dredged with the sediment then deposited into the larger lagoon. We have questioned the rationale behind this and have not been given any satisfactory answer, especially when they will not be capping the smaller lagoon with their “cappingslaag”.

Anyway, I had to ponder what this guy was doing with a bucket and a bottle of fairy liquid- as if we need any more bloody chemicals here!  Answers on a post card please.









Splash n dash


Pontius pilate





“Where’s yer gloves, naughty boy”




There was also some hacksawing going on with various hosework.

Around the southern part of the lagoon a double ring of connected pipework has also appeared.

“cappingslaag” what a wonderful Dutch word.


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