IWMD – a socialist hypocrisy

Today is International Workers Memorial Day– an event to commemorate those who have died in their place of work or as a result of it- largely by misadventure and perhaps deliberate negligence from their employers.

I have looked into the terrible price that many Albright and Wilson workers paid working for these Quaker capitalists, who like the disgusting Cadbury’s had an agenda of promoting themselves and their financial interests using alleged philanthropy.

Workers were burnt, mutilated , gassed and killed – all at Trinity Street whilst the Edgbaston mafia trotted with the fox hounds in rural bloodsport pursuits, or went for a spot of grouse shooting in Scotland.

The manner in which Albright and Wilson continued their denials about white phosphorus being harmful , and instead blamed tooth decay on “faulty teeth” is about as perverse a logic as you can get- but that is liberal socialism for you, and they then claim that they provide “dental care” for their workforce- by forced compliance to monitor and record personal information that would remove you from the production line if found to be “faulty”.

The two disgusting individuals below probably caused the early graves of many men and women.

Worse still was the AW legacy of industrial asbestos related disease, and when I came across a certain article in an Albright World magazine, I forwarded it to the law firm Irwin Mitchell- where I hope that maximum damage was done to those who had allowed such appalling practices to occur, and another nail in the coffin for the toxic legacy of these Langley bastards.


Blame it all on smoking, but not our asbestos dust itself. FFS

The individual cited in the article, the same J.P.W Hughes  as above, the supposed “group principal medical adviser”) had good form for talking out of his backside concerning employee health and safety. When he tried to claim that phossy jaw was in someway related to people who had bad teeth rather than by breathing in p4 vapour in the first place, it should be pointed out that as a director of this deceitful company between 1969-1974, that did not care about its workforce, he would have been financially liable if the workers had cottoned on to what they were being exposed to. This was ten years before the Health and Safety at Work Act. It is clear to see from this article’s ignorance just why the handling of asbestos is now claiming so many lives.

We are at the “crisis level peak” of these asbestos related illnesses currently, according to a Guardian article from last year, yet these workers now face being betrayed again with a hoax recorded on their death certificates that they died from “Covid-19”. “Underlying health conditions” appear to have been erased so that a fake cause of death can be recorded. Will ex workers or their dependents still be getting compensation from a UK Government whose “scientific advisers” failed to act to prevent exposure – no doubt after being bunged by the asbestos, shipping and construction industries to keep quiet?

But there are some cardboard cut out politicians in this area, Wolfie Smith wannabes , with clear financial links to this company who will no doubt be rolling out the purple ribbons with dewy eyes and saying “up the workers” today as well as clapping for the NHS. Equally sick are those who want to doctor history by promoting what was “made in Oldbury” , but not what was left behind as the  damaged result to  environmental and public health.

What a pile of stinking fucking hypocrites. 



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