Covid deceptions are all manmade

So where to start with this one! By now I think everyone has had their fill with world events that have now come to define our entire day to day existence in a dystopian world. One thing is for sure, by the end of all this we are all going to have rather long hair and a fetish for hand sanitizer and disposable latex gloves. But this is madness, and it has to stop, and like a growing number of people, who are side lined by thinking outside of the box that we are meant to think in, there is more to this Corona virus FRAUD than meets the eye. 

As someone who has been involved with exposing a real manmade environmental and human health cover up, and as a student of human behaviour, what has happened with the Covid-19 “outbreak” is unprecedented in its scale and control of the population. When you have experienced the apathetic face of the authorities and the civil service who are in league with the business polluters, and especially the pharmaceuticals and chemical industries, you can see how this playbook is playing out.  This post is not off topic when talking about how this industry are largely behind the myths that we are now living with.

The greatest feeling that I have had about this manufactured “crisis” is that it has made me , very, very angry.  👿 And the main comment I wish to make about this in this post is that they are using what I have called “the attraction/distraction technique” – which will be evidenced throughout my arguments henceforth.

We are now meant to believe that the natural air that we breath out ourselves is now more toxic and dangerous to humanity than the unnatural toxicant shit that we are forced to breath in from industrial sources.


Undoubtedly there is some illness out there, but coranoviruses are many- including the common cold, and seasonal flu- which kills thousands every single year- especially if they are already ill, and it is not identifiable that symptoms are distinct to the newly reported “Covid- 19” . A number of observations are notable from my perspective


There were many politically correct saddo’s who did not like this term, but it is an entirely accurate term because this “virus” originated in this country, or more specifically a Chinese Government laboratory in Wuhan.

China is a vile, culturally backward country in human and animal rights in particular. Its demented superstitious medicine markets are reliant on very rare species , as well as the appallling neandethal treatment of cats and dogs and so called “wet markets” where the bullshit lie about potential origin of the virus has been claimed.

I certainly do not believe that this came from some off bat soup, as the official narrative wants to steer us toward. If this was the case, and these type of markets have existed for a very long time, why has this “virus” suddenly appeared at this time? It makes no sense.

Animals and birds continue to be used as a scapegoat for these type of “outbreak” disease , with studies by scientists always pointing the figure away from their own, perhaps to justify their continued unnatural activities behind closed doors.

Was this a deliberate release, a test by the Chinese Governement that went wrong?  Who cares; it is just symptomatic of what every country around the world has been doing by using its Dr Death scientists to create bioweapons of mass destruction and also chemical weapons for “research” purposes – like white phosphorus that they try to present by somantic wordplay as “smokescreens”.

China lied, and people died

Regardless of the true origin of this virus, other than this country, the best thing that everyone in this country could do, perhaps the only power that we have, is to permanently boycott all things ever made in China, and that includes all of their dubious London ebay warehouse phoney cheap crap. Let’s face it, most of the stuff “made in China” is mass plastic produced, Western patent plagiarised pup, made by child labour – the ones who are not flushed down the bog at birth with the undigested paddy rice.


The thing which I believe least about this “virus”, other than its claimed origin is the manner in which it has been exaggerated as a major killer. The figures do not stack up to support this in comparison with The Spanish Flu, which killed a reported 50 million plus people after the 1st World War- in fact the evidence suggests that this started in field hospitals as a result of a unjustifiable conflict that had no reason to ever be fought.

A couple of press reports from this time reveal that The Spanish Flu lasted over two years, (compare this with China’s miraculous 4/5 month lockdown with Covid-19 and no new cases), and killed many from the same towns in Britain. The populations back then were of course much lower than today, and had already been depleted due to the folly of war. Read these, and then compare the tallies with the contemporary diet of death we are being fed daily by newspapers today.

Note the number of deaths in Glasgow in just one week in October 1918 for Spanish flu, compared to the whole of Scotland in one month for Covid 19

Tuesday 22 October 1918 Newspaper: Daily Mirror

Monday 02 December 1918 Newspaper: Daily Mirror – These figures are way in excess of Covid -19

Thursday 19 December 1918 Newspaper: Daily Mirror- These figures with a much lower population in 1918 means that the flu was killing more people then than it is today with Covid-19

FACT- The Covid-19 figures do not stack up to the death toll of the Spanish Flu, nor anything even like it, yet we are meant to view the Covid-19 figures we are getting as some kind of armageddon.

The other problem is that people are self isolating without even being confirmed to have any actual virus, because they are not being tested for “Covid-19” specifically, and then every member of their family isolated on the back of this mass false diagnosis. It is a waggers festival, unsupported by anything scientific but more like quack doctory.


Much has been deliberately omitted from the reporting of the actual “underlying health conditions” that have been reported in the vast majority of those who it is claimed died “AFTER testing positive for coronavirus” in the press.

Many of these illnesses are caused directly by legalised drugs of alcohol and tobacco

It is interesting to note that the NHS at risk profile does not explicitly mention smoking, yet many of the conditions mentioned are directly attributable to this activity. When one looks at the death toll attributable in the UK every year from this legalised carcinogen, the covid deception in terms of death figures can be seen to be meaningless.

The latest figures available as NHS data supplied by The Office of National statistics shows that 77,800 people died as a result of smoking in 2017. 

If you divide this by 12 for an average month, the figure works out at 6,483 deaths per month. We are not even at this figure with Covid 19, in its first month,  so why are they so concerned about this invisible killer when they are unable to stop so many dying from a man made illness of which they are fully aware?

The full report can be read at this link 


  • 37% of all deaths for respiratory diseases, were estimated to be attributable to smoking.
  • 54% of deaths for cancers (that can be caused by smoking), were estimated to be attributable to smoking.
  • £23.0 million was the Net Ingredient Cost (NIC) of all prescription items used to help people quit smoking in 2018/19.

I would like to know how many of those who have died had been in their lifetime, or were smokers? One has to  speculate as to how many of those who it is now claimed are dying from Covid- 19 were already on borrowed time as a result of respiratory “underlying health conditions” , and why their deaths are being deliberately and falsely attributed to this instead? Indeed many of the those who have died are proclaimed to have “died AFTER contracting corona virus”- which is not the same thing as stating that this was the single cause of death-but the way in which the message is relayed appears to suggest that this was the case.

With nearly half a million hospital admissions caused by this manmade chemical drug, according to the NHS’s own figures, this also puts covid- 19 into some perspective in terms of just how many people suffer from breathing and health issues caused by smoking in the UK.

If you really want to “save the NHS” , then stop smoking, the warning labels are on every packet, and it is a disgusting habit that kills other people as well as the smoker. 

What is even more ironic is that those now religiously staying at home self isolating (hypocrites), with people who unfortunately smoke are more likely to be dying from passive smoking than by going outside to breathe fresh air that they are trying to avoid. #dickheads

Smoking of course, like that other legal drug alcohol, which also kills thousands every year, will never be banned because it is so profitable for Government finance.


This is by far the biggest thing that troubles me about this “virus”, and how it may be used to write off real cause of death attributable to past exposure to toxic substances of industrial origin like asbestos.

The HSE current report into asbestos deaths can be read below.


Undoubtedly the politicians, producers and defenders of asbestos in the 50’s-70’s when it was still being actively used are all murderers. Their legacy is one of total shame in that the so called “experts” and “scientists” were too slow to consider the real dangers and put off a total ban for financial reasons only. They quelled concerns until such time as they could no longer defend the obvious, just as the profiteering match makers had done with their lucifer white phosphorus matches in the 19th Century. Industrial disease is one of the biggest betrayals and failures of Government ever seen. 

The grim picture from the HSE report

A Guardian article from July of last year  also reported on how cases involving these past exposures are thought to be now reaching their peak.

“In 2017 there were 2,523 deaths from mesothelioma, a cancer of the lining of the organs caused almost exclusively by the inhalation of asbestos fibres. This is a similar number to the previous five years.

There were 2,709 “deaths by industrial disease” recorded by coroners in England and Wales in 2018, a 44% rise on the 1,878 recorded in 1995, the earliest available figure. Nine percent of all deaths recorded by coroners in 2018 were caused by industrial disease.”

A further thing to consider is the compensation scheme available to those who die from these illnesses, paid for by The Government.

“It added that it took its responsibility to compensate people with mesothelioma very seriously, automatically awarding the maximum rate of industrial injuries disablement benefit and awarding lump sum compensation of up to £92,000, depending on a person’s age.”

I just wonder if “Covid-19” now appears on death certificates , it will invalidate the claims made about the real cause of death attributable to industrial disease, and will also prevent people from claiming their deserved, but still not enough compensation?

This killer really was an invisible killer , as a woman who simply “stayed at home” and washed her husbands work clothes found out to her cost.

“Just because it is banned doesn’t mean it’s gone,” says Nye. “It hasn’t. It’s everywhere. It’s in buildings that are forever being pulled down and refurbished, which can make it airborne … We need to educate the young because they think it’s a problem of the past.”



We are bombarded with the views and speculation of academics, whose collective disagreement on virtually everything about this topic probably tells the best story of how these “experts” level of expertise amounts to being “as good a prophet as Nostradamus”- i.e  shit prophets.

They cannot agree or convey accurate symptoms, agree on preventative measures , or tell us where this virus came from or where it is going to lead. They wanted us to mingle and acquire “herd immunity”, and then they didn’t. They dither on what protective PPE should be used  and invent a social distance of 2 metres, as though this superstitious paranoia and body swerving will somehow matter. They also cannot appear to agree if the virus is passed via airborne means or via formites, or how long it remains active on surfaces, if at all.

The official death figures appear to vary from publication to publication, and in some cases have not even added up to the alleged figure.

In this vacuum of accurate information, we have the tendency to panic and develop different ideas, which leads to conflict and disagreement- which is exactly what those pushing this agenda want. One remembers the misleading  claims about the last pandemic that never was with swine flu.

One of the worst parts of this is the track record of “Professor ” Ferguson of Imperial College London who is the man responsible for advising Johnson and co. He was also the man who saw millions of animals needlessly slaughtered in the foot and mouth outbreak of 2001.

He advocated lockdown, and when the death toll does not appear to reach the ridiculous exaggerated figure of over 500,000 deaths that he originally predicted would occur, congratulates himself in that it was HIS lockdown idea which prevented the killer virus that never was from wreaking the false havoc that he predicted. We should always question “experts” and their use by Government.


The world of television and film has come to define our perceptions of the world.

Several events happened around the turn of the new century in this regard, and they are not a coincidence. The world of reality television introduced us to “big brother”, where we could become  voiyers and study random strangers in an oppressive controlled environment.

We had a diet of disaster films set in dystopian worlds such as 28 days later, and I am Legend.

If you put these fantasy stories into the ether, and then combine them with “experts”, politicians and celebrities telling you basically the same thing, it makes the pill easier to swallow.

They even had the gaule to recently show the film  Contagion on ITV2 , whose plot is so similar to the current covid “outbreak” as to wonder if the script writers of this film were drafted in to write much of the bullshit that has been happening in real life ever since. 

We have seen how those confined in artificial conditions in a reality show behave, and the psychology at play. This also makes it easier to program people as to how they should behave when confronted with such a “reality” as at present themselves.


I take no side in politics, except that are all universally a bunch of dishonest wankers.

It is notable that in December with the general election, about the only glove that Labour landed on Boris Johnson was about the NHS and potential privatisation. What we now have is a political slogan , which I will not repeat of “S$$e the NHS”. We see this everywhere, on billboards, adverts, news bulletins, social media and from the mouths of politicians themselves. It certainly has spread like a virus to every facet of life. The catch line is garbage, as I have already pointed out, but it does stick like “Let’s get Brexit Done.”

Welcome to The Emperor’s New Clothes Virus. I’m not going to “Act like I’ve got it”, because I doubt it’s existence, in the face of abysmal scientific evidential proof that it can be spread or save lives by staying at home.

So when we are all joined in this new found but phoney “saving”, we are distracted away from the failures of the NHS, and those of the politicians who appear unquestionable about how the NHS continues to fail many people, partially it could be argued as a result of their direct incompetence and mismanagement. We forget about people like Harold Shipman and Beverley Allitt, and suspicious early deaths of many people by incompetent NHS trusts.

We are distracted from past headlines about abysmal waiting times in A&E, cancelled operations, and vulnerable people left on trollies in corridors or on cold floors.

My Nan died a few years ago in a filthy hospital where she developed C- difficile, and I won’t forget that, but the NHS bastards conveniently left that off the death certificate with their unwashed shitty stained hands. How many times have we had the norovirus outbreaks in hospitals which have had to close? They are filthy places, and biohazardous porous, but it probably doesn’t fit the agenda to say that does it, BUT I WILL BECAUSE IT’S TRUE.

Into these germ academies of past evidential  proven transmission, are we really expected to suspend belief that those dying from alleged “covid-19” who were ill BEFORE this outbreak, did not acquire it AFTER their admission, not as a result of people outside hospitals not staying at home, but through the very people inside hospitals supposedly caring for them?

A Guardian article gave an accurate assessment of the NHS in The Blair years in 2001, and little appears to have changed in the last 19. It certainly isn’t the unicorns and rainbows socialist wet dream presentation now doing the rounds, so why pretend it is?

Johnson’s lies when he stood up and stated that “many people would die before their time” kickstarted the panic buying and mass fear and was as irresponsible a statement as any politician could have delivered, but this is I believe what was exactly intended.


Spreading a moral panic

The incessant Government slogan message has penetrated all media, but this Department of Health caption above , amongst a few others leaves me asking more questions. So if this is not a stock photo, or photoshopped, they got three young men to pose in close proximity, who made non essential journeys to a particular place without social distancing, and “risked lives” according to their own message by doing so. This is not a real situation, so why is this message being put out, and using the tool of personal preservation risk and also that by proxy to an elderly relative?

This appears to be aimed at the young, whom the Government believe will be more likely to break their forced lockdown. I’m not sure if there is any evidence to support this, but it is important to point out that this picture is a staged event by actors.


The medias false reporting of deaths and of this virus shows what an utter disgrace their profession is- puppet whores of the political class- it is a joke that they are considered “key workers”, but how well they play their part. Doom and gloom has always been their strongest seller of misinformation, and every death has been reported, even when the accuracy of the claim has then been dismissed. Take for example the lie concerning a 21 year old girl who was “healthy”- the purpose of this attempting to make people believe that anyone could be affected and die from this virus. But it was later revealed that she had had a heart attack, and this had nothing to do with Covid- 19 at all.

Similarly , they have reported on a few “famous” people who have died from alleged Covid 19- except they didn’t. The comedian Eddie Large had longstanding health issues and was already in hospital when he allegedly caught covid- 19 and subsequently died. This did not stop ITN news lying and stating that he had “died from corona virus”- a complete dishonest and false statement by their journalist and editorial team. Large , at 78 would have died anyway from his pre existing condition, but why let the truth get in the way of a good story?

Statistics have been used to give the impression that the daily death toll has been increasing, yet some of the data appears to be being drip fed as it is later compiled from days or even weeks earlier, and this presents a false impression of increasing risk.

They also of course rely on the stories being shared and commented upon to generate advertising revenue clickbait for themselves.


Allied to the liars in the media, we have their sidekicks who present them with more “stories” of celebrities who allegedly become ill and are “self isolating”, without even having been confirmed to have any illness. Many of them are reality TV nobodies , but these “influencers” and their message are enough to encourage the cult of celebrity to take hold in the many sheep who hang off these talentless shit’s every word.

So we see these pouting fish heads standing in front of their mirrors holding their phones wearing the obligatory face masks and saying how tough it is to be indoors, whilst also sharing the usual hashtags just so they don’t appear out of touch.

We also have professional footballers- those talentless thugs who are paid millions to spit and nasal projectile fire on the ground every week. Perhaps this new found clamour for hygiene may stop this disgusting behaviour, though probably not as they also spread the hashtag nonsense.


A moral panic is a feeling of fear spread among many people that some evil threatens the well-being of society. It is “the process of arousing social concern over an issue – usually the work of moral entrepreneurs and the mass media”.

Covid-19 and the reaction to it are probably the biggest world wide moral panic ever seen. The death toll is not that high, compared with other historic pandemic events, as already seen, yet the associations of spread that have gone with it has produced unfounded reactions in people- generated by false media hysteria. The recovery rates in people are being barely reported, but the constant message of death is enough to generate the myth that it is a terminal illness once caught.

The idea that staying at home can save lives is an unscientific nonsense, as most ill people would already have chosen to isolate themselves if they had any sense. With lack of clarification about how the alleged virus actually spreads, but with vague commands coming out of Government, people have taken to making up their own rules, body swerving in the street, washing their hands and even wearing masks. There is no evidence that any of this will save anyone’s life, least of all their own, but the idea seems to be right because everyone else is doing it as well.


Another recent moral panic was the “Momo challenge”- spread by the internet and without any credibility. This was also largely spread by social media.



A contrived facebook message

The platforms of  facebook and twitter to share and comment on topics like this “virus” are being manipulated by the censors- particularly if it goes against the consensus msn message.  If you’ll excuse the pun, the level of commentary , like the lack of clear Government advice creates “Chinese” whispers about every aspect of life.

Claim and counter claim about how you can allegedly catch “this killer virus” leads to sharing of the political hashtags already mentioned, and an accepted conformity that no other opinion is valid.

At the start of the nonsense about panic buying- caused largely by social media itself, people then started to take pictures of others standing in queues, as though everyone in the picture was somehow morally bankrupt for even being there.

More lately , the same anal retentives have started taking pictures of people being outside, many of whom are merely following the Government advice about social distancing, but are still singled out by those obsessed with the nonsense that staying indoors will somehow make them immune to a virus, and everyone outside is somehow “selfish”. They further claim that people who go outside will extend the period of lockdown as a result- thus giving this appalling house arrest facist state that we have now entered carte blanche to create an indefinite and increasingly draconian mandate to do so. Much of this panic is probably similar to the type of paranoia prevalent in 1940 , when people were concerned about Germans appearing out of the sky, and any strange face in a village should be challenged.

Some local  facebook groups, perhaps in bravado, even talk about introducing identity cards, maybe they will even go so far as suggesting identity chips under the skin, or numbered tattoos on our forearms- to help the Government and police of course.

A gammon triggered- National socialist media?

We truly are entering some very troubling times when such far right/communist state views can be shared on these platforms. The only ones making money out of all this are the billionaires who are getting advertising out of it, and is it a conspiracy to point out how these people have through their alleged philanthropy been involved in vaccine programs previously?


It serves every politician at home to create an “enemy” abroad. Many moustached characters have come and gone, with one puppet regime replaced with a friendly puppet regime; the threat never being there, except when it is spun it allows the politician easier licence to spread their controlling hand. “Weapons of mass destruction”- Remember this Government lie.

Politicians have used the armed forces to fight pointless wars in The Middle East under false pretences for the last 30 years. The term “HERO” has been used as the recruiting sergeant to replace those who have needlessly died. The term  has spread using exactly the same techniques of social media hashtags/celebrity endorsements and misplaced patriotism. Poppy fascism occurs every October/November, as though anyone who doesn’t choose to wear one is somehow to be shamed.

I feel sorry for those who served, and some developed illnesses which were no doubt as a result of man made chemicals that they were injected with; (and this Government cover up continues), but they should recognise how they have been used, and not let others blindly replace them.

So we now have the extension of this “cult of heroism” using the NHS in the current climate. “Key workers” are to be championed, whilst many other people’s businesses have been totally ruined by the direction taken with lockdown.

Into the current theatre we have politicians invoking war time rhetoric and nostalgia. We are in a time where “we are at war with Corona”, the public need to “show the Dunkirk spirit” in this “National emergency” struggle, and perhaps the most dramatically ironic concerning this fake virus  “fighting an invisible enemy”.

All of these slogans are psychological tricks in the same manner as with the military heroes. Create an enemy, control your own people. Know the way people think, change their behaviour. 


All of this feeds into the classic obedience experiments by the likes of Milgrim in that people are being used as accomplices in the Government agenda, except that it a reverse of this in putting self sacrifice of not going out in order to “save lives”.

We are not being asked to give electric shocks, but instead confine ourselves in sacrifice for an invisible victim.

Factors of persuasive message rely on believing the source of the information- so they wheel out a professor “expert” flanked by a politician. Throw into the mix a message from the frontline of health workers anchored by some emotive words and this helps to sell the message even more.

The weekly Thursday happy clappy events are another tool of conformity. Aronson defined conformity as ” a change in a person’s behaviour or opinions as a result of real or imagined pressure from a person or group of people”

This form of “normative influence” allows people to conform to group pressure to gain social approval.


So how has your shopping experience been just lately then? If you cannot get a delivery slot, which no one can, you will have stood in the queues like a line of sheep waiting to be guided into the pen.

Let’s look at the area of Friar park in Wednesbury as an example. The only sizeable store within a mile is the Lidl. If you wanted to go further you would have to travel to West Bromwich, serving a much larger area, or Wednesbury- serving the outer rim of Tipton and Walsall.

Tory Tonka and Sandwell council want to build 750 new homes on open land in a bent deal with serial polluters Severn Trent Water- land to be “cleaned up” using money from the tax payer- and not by the polluters- Severn Trent. This will deliver at least 1500 extra people to this already crowded area, as well as multiple cars.

Good luck in joining the queue behind these extra people in getting your essential shopping down the Lidl, and finding even less in there than you have already. Also good luck in getting a doctors appointment, or finding a school place for your child.

When doing your daily exercise, also good luck in finding anywhere to actually do this without bumping into people with the track record of Sandwell council in selling off open space for housing.

What has also been demonstrated by this virus is the selfish self preservation of the green belt rural scum, who want to live and do their shopping by not joining any such queues.

They bleated that people coming into the countryside were not welcome as they could be spreading the disease. This is of course what the Quaker eugenicist freaks who invented the Garden cities were all about in keeping out the “scum” from the inner sanctum of their own self preservation. Green belt savers are selfish affluent scum, who will plead “rural poverty” but also expect that they will not have to sacrifice any land for accommodating any more people.

Illness and disease spreads in overcrowded conditions- see the Great Plague. So what is the purpose if those who advocate over population in towns already filled with capacity, whilst also resisting building in areas where large populations do not exist? They are eugenicists at heart, and all those who advocate garden cities are class extremists who want to maintain these dividing lines and social distancing for themselves.

The same people who are now dispensing advice about the two metre social distancing are the very same who think it is quite acceptable to build entire estates of homes for people on contaminated land, separated from cancerous manmade chemicals by 50cm of topsoil.

Perhaps the situation that people have found themselves  in joining long queues, will result in voting out those politicians who want them to wait in even longer queues. Use your vote wisely to send these people a message. 

The children can no longer play


There is no question that the biggest winners from this manufactured crisis are the pharmaceuticals and allied chemical industry. They made a killing out of the false swine flu virus, which was a fraud, and will do so again with this elixir of bull. Germany have already proclaimed that Bayer are testing a vaccine, which distracts attention from the Monsanto issue of the carcinogenic glyphosate round up.

WHO is already a discredited organisation set up by the globalist Rothschilds, and there is no doubt in my mind that they are being pocket lined by big pharma to produce much of the crap that they have so far come out with.

First they will offer a test which will reveal that we all have this “corona virus” antibodies.

A vaccine will no doubt be developed that we will all be forced to take, on acceptance of being allowed to enter certain areas, go to work, or even step outside our homes. But what is this vaccine, and what will be its ingredients and potential side effects, and why should we just accept this as a cure for a “virus” that has actually killed a tiny number of people compared to the Earth’s entire population?

A mental health nosedive caused by the increased anxiety of this situation will no doubt also benefit these pedlars of drugs for all occasions with their anti depressant pushing. Who knows if the vaccine will even contain some of these, or another addictive substance that they can provide?

We must all, by all violent means necessary, refuse mandatory vaccination without consent when we show no signs of any illness.  If we cannot choose what enters our own bodies, by this pharmaceutical rape, then we no longer have any freedom to exist.

The appalling use of animals in experiments will,it be argued, continue to be “necessary” in order to test new strains of the mutating virus. The manufacture of pesticides and other chemicals in the environment has over many years destroyed species of animals and birds, and continues to do so.



I read this short story at school, and its message of Leonard Mead who enjoys walking in a time when everyone no longer goes out of their homes because they are glued to their televisions in some dystopian world is increasingly relevant as we near the year in which it was set- 2053. They are literally living in a world of the dead, and the imagery presented compliments this narrative.

The phrase concerning the houses and televisions- “The tombs, ill-lit by television light, where the people sat like the dead, the grey or multi-coloured lights touching their faces, but never really touching them” is very apt for our times.

Mead is approached by a robotic police vehicle , which appears to not contain a living person, and interrogates him as to why he is out, and not at home like everyone else. He is then carted off to “the Psychiatric Centre for Research on Regressive Tendencies.”

I wonder how far away we are from this?

The best thing that anyone reading this can do is to turn off your television set and go outside. Switch off the news and wake up from this induced coma we have been put in by the political class and their media cronies.

There is a tendency to read conspiracy theories into much of what is happening, but I don’t subscribe myself to the claims about 5G. What is worthy of looking at however are trends, patterns that have been gradually creeping up on us and without safeguards to stop them. Consumerism has been used as a means to their justification, but it is clear that they hide a more sinister motive.

Increasing state medalling appears  very near. The use of biometric surveillance, a cashless society where our every purchase and therefore move are recorded is already here. Already some companies are refusing to take cash in the current manufactured “crisis”, on the false premise that it is somehow contaminated by the fake virus. This is legal tender being refused!

Social media is a hive of personal data that can be extrapolated- handed over by apparent consent to flatter personal individuals vanity. We are sold cyber security against potential hackers, but what evidence is there that the real criminals after our data are state hackers?

Academia “experts” and private companies will continue to meddle in our daily existence.

But what does history tell us about past Government deceptions, and many that have still to be unravelled?  Remember the soldiers who were just doing their jobs when they walked into a shed of poison gas after being told they were “testing a cure for the common cold” on behalf of The British Government, or the mothers who were given a new wonder drug called thalidomide as “a cure for morning sickness” ?

We should be very sceptical as to what has gone before when politicians conspire with academia and the pharmaceuticals industry to create solutions to problems that they themselves appear to have created. Conspiracy theories are not always to be dismissed when you look at the track record of history that has gone before. Deceptions are the work of the captive state, and it’s time we practised some distance from their claims. 

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