Albright’s toxic archives #24 Another Albright “alarming explosion”



I have set out previously many explosions associated with the Trinity Street site and its chemical firm fiends Albright and Wilson.   Take this example from 1899 which killed a man and seriously burnt others. 

Not only do these reveal a major longstanding danger to the community from the site and its activities, but also the risks to their hapless employees serving the two immoral “Quaker” scumbag families who lived outside of the blast zone in far more leafier climbs.

This is another one I have found recently from the newspaper archive from The Nuneaton Observer dated 3rd January 1902, just three years after the death of Eli Guest.

This appears to have been a gas explosion caused by a lamp being dropped. The injured men, William Whitehouse, Fred Harris, George Gunn (any relation to the future councillors I wonder?), and Timothy Williams had to be dragged out of the underground workings.

Mond gas, named after the German chemist Ludwig Mond was a cheap energy source produced from coal. A large production plant would open in Dudley Port under the South Staffordshire Mond gas company.  Bizarrely, Mond was well acquainted with Ernest Solvay, whose firm would of course replace the name of Albright and Wilson at Trinity Street many decades later.

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