A pier at Worthing

Last month there was a very suspicious “chemical leak” at Worthing in Sussex which left several people feeling ill with “vomiting” and “sore eye” symptoms being reported. The authorities closed off the pier.

This all had the very similar dubious pattern of an event that occurred at Beachy head/Burling Gap two years ago. On this occasion, the WLBRL team headed for the coast to see what could be found. Since then it has been revealed that the finest scientific minds in the UK have deduced, er , absolutely nothing as to what this substance even was.


“…it has not been possible to identify the irritant chemical involved”- well how bloody convenient.

The DEFRA report above speculates ”  it seems most likely that the source of the gas cloud was a ship, lost cargo, or possibly a wreck.
Unless further information is obtained, it may never be possible to identify the precise source of the release. “

Very similar claims appear to have been made in the most recent incident, with the pier at Worthing being at the centre of the chemical scare.

And so it was that the intrepid WLBRL explorers ventured from the West Midlands heading South in an attempt to get to the bottom of it .


At nearly a distance of 200 miles , no place in the UK is safe from our investigations.  😆

A lovely summers day glistened the motorway and A road route, and despite a few hold ups the target area was eventually reached.

On hitting the pebbled beach, a hasty security cordon was erected with the offending erection in view.


A wise cracking seagull looked on;  was this a Russian spy communicating some form of code? Had he dropped something nasty into the sea? There was definitely something fishy about this sear-guy.

Out to Sea, the ghastly sight of wind turbines blighted the waterscape, and more distantly I’m sure I heard the wailing of Remoaners lapping on the waves from Brighton, crying about the proroguing of parliament.

A hideous blight

The pier at Worthing was built in 1862 and upgraded 26 years later. A fire destroyed most of it in 1933, and the rebuilt structure is what can be found today. Interestingly it has won “pier of the year” twice in 2006 and THIS year. Using my Columbo style sleuth prowess, I wonder if some jealous rival decided to set off some stink bombs in retaliation?

nearly 300 metres long

A handy Geiger counter was used to detect any possible fallout from malicious activities. Radioactive divebombing birds trained by a tin pot dictator state being plausible. In fact Southern Water, that water company now best known for its corporate fraud for not reporting notifiable pollution issues, recently laughably attempted to use hawks in order to try to deter SEAGULLS from being there– yes those birds that fly over the sea . Their ludicrous rationale- that the creatures were contaminating the sea! This shit, frequent shit polluting discharger is officially the worst water company in the country, but would they ever consider releasing some form of chemical bird repellent I wonder?

Some interesting glass work ran along the division of the pier. Was this the work of some crazed scientist ?

What’s brewing?

Behind the pier a large wheel provided a thrill seeking opportunity.

The eye of the Geiger

At the end of the structure some tossers were fishing. Had one of these jerks on one end of the line pulling a jerk on the other end of the line accidentally disturbed something on the seabed on that fateful day?

The water was fairly blue and clear. The wind was quite gusty, but there was no detection of any chemical in the air or on the pier itself. And so the cordon was lifted.

Back on the beach, it seemed as though Worthing Baywatch were not too busy that day either.

Some interesting “shipwrecks” in Worthing were noted, though none of these referred to any type of chemicals being carried.

One is therefore left to wonder what was going on here, and why yet again the authorities appear incapable of being able to detect any common chemical that was involved? All around us of course we live with chemicals , in the air, in the water and in the ground, yet when something like this happens, those who created the source are usually the last to reveal it.


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